Ares Technology Private Limited understands that entering data into Excel spreadsheets and verifying their accuracy is a laborious task that can consume a considerable amount of time and energy. Nonetheless, we have honed our expertise in data population and entry into spreadsheets at exceptionally low rates.


We can input data from telephone directories, business directories, exhibitor lists, doctor's and lawyer's directories, etc., to provide you with current lead generation.


Our team can key in words and their meanings from various dictionaries available in different languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, and German. We are proficient in extracting information from various sources, including hard copies or online dictionaries.


We can input product information from online catalogs available on websites, hard copy catalogs, and PDF formats for industries such as Retail, Automobile, Manufacturing, Architecture, Plumbing, and more.

Our expert personnel pay meticulous attention to every task assigned by the clients. They possess in-depth knowledge of various Excel tricks, including form creation, shortcut establishment, and graph and chart insertion. Years of hands-on experience and handling voluminous data entry have further refined their skills. They are well-versed in performing bulk manual and computerized entries per day, creating content, controlling the quality of output, anticipating errors, and fixing them promptly, thus helping you generate profits. These skills optimize the efficiency of the team at Ares Technology Private Limited.

Quality Assurance

We are stringent about our quality assurance and ensure that each work executed passes through our quality control measures. Our computerized Excel data entry tasks undergo macros to detect any wild entries and correct them immediately before sending the final output.m to the client.