We Are Your Reliable Online Data Entry Partner

We offer reliable online data entry services, allowing you to focus on the core competencies of your business or organization without the burden of time-consuming data entry projects. With years of experience in the field, we are well-equipped to efficiently execute your online data entry projects. Our team is proficient in using a variety of content management systems and databases accessible through the Internet. This saves time and effort in converting data and enables us to load it directly into your system.

India, known for its competitive labour costs, is the preferred destination for outsourcing data entry jobs. Ares Technology Private Limited, based in Ahmedabad, is one of the most cost-effective service providers in the industry. With a population of over 6 million, Ahmedabad offers a unique combination of a growing population and a highly educated workforce, resulting in the most favourable pricing and highest quality service for your project.

Well-Built Infrastructure

Our infrastructure is top-notch, boasting the fastest broadband connections available. We prioritize data security, employing robust security measures to prevent data breaches. All our PCs are equipped with integrated anti-virus software to ensure a secure setup for your crucial database. We use leased line internet connectivity to maintain constant communication with our rapidly expanding client base.

Data Entry from Various Sources

We are capable of creating digital content from a wide variety of sources, including scanned images, handwritten and printed documents, legal documents, book indexes, contact details, menus, and images.

Doing it Yourself vs. Contracting

Outsourcing your data entry projects to us allows you to focus on the value-added aspects of your business. We take care of the tedious tasks, freeing you to concentrate on areas where you have the greatest expertise.

Our team comprises highly skilled and experienced professionals, who undergo continuous training to keep up with the latest tools and technologies. Online data entry requires intense attention to detail and high typing speed, and we ensure that all our employees meet these requirements.

Quality Assurance

We prioritize quality assurance, continually monitoring our output to maintain the highest standards. The QA process varies depending on the type of project at hand. If you require 99.99% accuracy, we will adjust our QA process accordingly. However, if you are willing to accept 99% accuracy for additional savings, we can accommodate your needs. In cases where offline input data is required, we carry out offline applications and double-check for compatibility.