Our forms processing services are executed with extreme attention to quality and speed. We offer both manual and automated processing categories to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness of our work.

Outsourcing Forms Processing Services to India

We understand that while paperwork is essential to businesses, modern offices aim to digitize many of their print documents. Our online forms processing services provide a fast and cost-effective solution to this challenge, as in-house digitizing can be expensive and time-consuming.

Manual Forms Processing Techniques

We specialize in processing handwritten forms like feedback forms, surveys, and insurance claims. Our team conducts both manual and web-based data entry to cater to specific project requirements. With our extensive experience, we can confidently offer high-quality forms processing services for various documents, including but not limited to surveys, insurance claims, and purchase orders.

Manual Forms Processing Quality Control

Our quality control measures include combining manual data entry with other processes to ensure a high level of quality. We validate and verify data to maintain consistency and perform a final check to ensure that the forms are error-free.

Automated Forms Processing Techniques

We apply this technique to forms with fixed data, such as purchase orders or medical bills. After scanning the forms, we use OCR technology to capture data and convert it into easily-editable formats.

Automated Forms Processing Quality Control:

Our OCR technology helps us achieve 99.99% accuracy and avoid generating wild data. It also enables us to produce a wide range of output formats. We perform both computerized and manual quality checks to ensure that our work is error-free.