Do you ever feel like your employees waste too much time searching for specific documents? Having easy access to the right information can significantly improve the way your business or organization functions. Document indexing services can help you better organize your documents.

What is document indexing?

Document indexing is the process of preparing and digitally storing existing documents in a way that makes them easily accessible when needed. This process creates a database that allows for document searches using specific parameters, which can make the process of finding the documents you need faster and more efficient.

Importance of Document Indexing:

Organizing your documents efficiently is crucial for the smooth operation of your business or organization. Here are some key benefits of document indexing:

"Document indexing services help to store data and retrieve it easily. Indexing is a simple yet effective solution that comes with a host of benefits for clients. Though data retrieval can be a daunting task, outsourcing this service is a convenient way to efficiently organize information.

Outsource Document Indexing Services Benefits:

Our comprehensive document management services include document scanning, information retrieval, archiving, electronic document management, categorizing, indexing, and data conversion.
Our document indexing and retrieval process will be expedited and streamlined through our efficient data entry services.
We provide affordable qualitative data management and indexing services, including indexing library books, journals, magazines, legal documents, and many other documents.
Our advanced infrastructure allows us to accommodate a range of indexing preferences and specifications to cater to the needs of as many clients as possible

If you don't have a reliable and efficient document system, you may need to upgrade. While you can do it in-house, outsourcing document indexing services has several benefits, including:

  • Keeping your employees focused on core tasks.
  • Avoiding processing errors with a managed approach.
  • Utilizing agencies that already have the right equipment and software.
  • Improving document indexing, especially for non-digital files and documents that need to be converted.

How do outsourcing document indexing services work?

The process of indexing your documents is multi-layered. we would be happy to help you with that. To provide you with a brief summary, here is an overview of what is involved:

Document Scanning Service

Non-digital files and documents are scanned and put into a digital format.

Document Shredding and Recycling

Old paper documents can be shredded and recycled for other purposes.

Setting Up a Database

Critical information for all digital documents is integrated with existing digital files into a database

Indexing System

A customizable document indexing system is set up to allow easy search and retrieval of stored documents

Zonal OCR Method

We use technology and tools like zonal OCR to index images, printed documents, and typewritten resources

Manual Method

Our team of experts can enter data manually for handwritten and typewritten documents that do not follow a homogenous format of indexing, categorizing, and retrieving


We have strict quality assurance measures in place. After each work, we ensure that it passes through our quality control measures. The computerized Excel data entry tasks also pass through macros to detect any wild entries and fix them immediately before sending them to the client.

We work with a range of indexing inputs, including scanned documents, handwritten information, and online resources. "We are experienced in handling sensitive material, which can be accessed through authorized entry into virtual private networks (VPN) or web-based document management systems (DMS)."

Document indexing services can streamline the way you access information for everyday tasks. Outsourcing this service can help keep employees focused on your business's core tasks, and we can help you with that. Contact Ares Technology Private Limited for more information.